Yahoo Aviate Launcher App For Android

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July 9th, 2014
A highly rated app in the Google Play store, the Yahoo Aviate Launcher is most valued by users for its organization capabilities.
The launcher app simplifies your phone user-experience by altering and re-organizing the contents of your home screen.  The new home screen places your apps into categories and puts your most-used contacts into a drag-up menu, among many other swipe-to-view features for alarms, calendars, and checking the weather and daily news. 
Aviate isn’t about justreordering your home screen though; through this app, your home screen will actively adjust according to the time of day and your current location.  For example, your phone will learn to offer access to your work email while at work, and your personal email while at home. Aviate can access your music app while driving, and weather app first thing in the morning. 
Yahoo Activate isn’t just an app, it’s your personal assistant.  The personalization options are endless with this app, and the location-based services add even that much more of an intimate touch between the user and their Android smartphone.

Check out our Vine video about the app here


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