Howard caller - screenshot 1.

It’s time you had more options than answer & decline

Meet your Smart Call Assistant:

Technology that manages your
calls when you can’t.

Banish phone tag forever

The Hold On button gives you the few precious seconds (or minutes) you need to get ready for your incoming call.

Have your assistant take the call

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Tap a status to politely tell callers why you can’t answer. 

Always know who’s calling

Don’t recognize the caller? Call Screener will find out who’s calling and why… without you having to answer

Call reminders section on the mobile view

Remember to call Amy back

Your call reminders can be managed in the call log.

Incoming call from SHAQ on a mobile

Don’t ruin a Kodak moment

With the dropdown incoming call screen, put your caller on hold and finish taking the photo or video.

Smart Call Assistant goes everywhere you go

Watch and a smart call assistance reply

See how Smart Call Assistant works