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July 1st, 2014
With all of the hype about smart watches, it is probable that you have heard a thing or two about them. But what about smart cups?! For those health conscience individuals, Vessyl is a “smart cup” that has the potential to be a life-changing device. Vessyl is able to detect whatever liquid is inside of it. In fact, the smart cup is even able to distinguish specific drink brands and flavors that are poured inside.
Are you someone who looks over the nutritional labels of the thing you eat and drink? Vessyl is able to identify the nutritional information of its contents. The smart cup is connected to a smartphone app that will provide information such as calories, sugar, fat, protein, and caffeine. It even reads alcohol level content, so you can measure how much alcohol is going into your cocktail.
Vessyl is able to do this because of its molecular sensors. The cup even keeps track of how hydrated someone is using one’s height and weight. Overall, the cup stores a user’s nutritional information and helps promote a healthier lifestyle. Check out the Vessyl smart up today!