TIP Blog – Who? When? Why?!

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 March 28th, 2013
Welcome to TIP’s initial blog posting!  As you may already know, the “TIP” acronym stands for Technology In Progress.  This means we work on what we know you need and what we think you need even if you don’t know you need it yet.  Make sense?
Part of our mission is to create things “everybody would use and understand”, with a specific focus on the phone call.  This means we embrace words like “simplicity”, “clean”, “empathy”, and “personal”.  From a business standpoint, it means we operate a little differently than your typical technology start-up.  Instead of focusing on the amount of money we can raise and spend, we focus on staying lean and mean.  We focus on maximizing every TIP shareholder’s return.  We focus on doing less things than others, but doing them right.  We focus on listening to our users.  And with that…we introduce our blog.
As a start-up, every person wears multiple hats.  In addition to President and Head of Product Development, I am self-donning the title of Chief Blogging Officer Unextraordinaire.  This means I’ll use this forum to humbly interact with our “listeners”.  We’d like to not only explain certain decisions related to our offerings, but we’d like to listen to you when you think we’ve screwed up.  This doesn’t mean we’ll always agree or make a change; in fact, the bar asus smart gesture we use to make a decision is very high.  But, if we hear a consistent theme or sometimes just say, “he’s flat-out right”, you might be amazed at what kind of impact you can have to help us steer the TIP Product dev ship.  In fact, this is exactly how TIP’s Josh Eidenbergbecame our Chief Creative Officer; he provided us the view of what’s “hot” with the 25 and under generation – and we listened!  We’ll also have other TIP employees post occasional “guest blogger” postings so you can hear the inside view from the guy behind the product.
Weekly, or as often as we feel the urge to communicate!  There are a lot of topics we want to cover…everything from the travails of a start-up to the logic behind the way certain TIP featureswork.  We’ll also let you sign up to receive our blog postings as an email, so you don’t have to make a point to come to our site to see what we’re discussing.
We’re doing this to help allow you the ability to follow us in our mission to change the way the world answers a phone call.  We’ll answer questions via an occasional “mailbag” posting.  We’ll vet your feedback and report back our results.  We’ll hope you can stoke some interesting conversation so we can continue to innovate and improve.
Stay tuned for more postings soon – and welcome aboard!
Michael Unetich – TIP President and Chief Blogging Officer Unextraordinaire
To ask us a question please email us at tipblog@tipsolutions.com.