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August 19th, 2013

As CallSnap closes in on its third month on the Android market, we’re starting to find that some people really are understanding our greater mission to broadly impact mobile communication and behavior.

While we have received many outstanding reviews and coverage in every medium (print, radio, tv, podcasts), a recent article written by a visionary named Alexander Jacobs from Digitas, really nailed what CallSnap, among several others, is starting to mean to the app world.
The title of the article was The Startups Redefining Marketing.  In the article, Alex lists CallSnap as one of the applications impacting the current mobile paradigm shift.  To paraphrase, he describes that certain apps are creating a convergence of experience between social, content, and communication.  CallSnap, for example, not only provides the social aspect of photosharing, but it also provides new and unique communication information.
As Alex smartly points out, unlike most photosharing apps that open a line of communication, CallSnap actually does the opposite and closesa line of communication.  In the article, CallSnap is listed with a couple of the big-boy billion dollar apps like Waze and Snapchat…not bad company….

Look for more of these types of articles as some of the top sites start to cover CallSnap within the next couple months!

Michael Unetich — TIP President