Introducing Our New Driver Safety App, Seetbelt for Android

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December 16th, 2014

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We created TIP’s just-launched app Seetbelt to tackle the very real problem of distracted drivers attempting to communicate through text or taking phone calls when the time is not right.

Here’s everything you need to know about how TIP’s Seetbelt app works:

  • It provides auto-text-responses to text messages letting the texter know that you are driving
  • It provides auto-text-responses to calls after three rings letting the caller know that you are driving and will be reminded to call them back
  • It provides the user a Notification and Notification log that reminds the user to call their callers back
  • It provides the user a simple-to-use green/red widget for on/off toggle. Placed on the phone’s home screen, it makes Seetbelt both easy to set and easy to remember to turn off.

As most of our readers know, TIP’s core technology is a patented embedded application named Smart Calls.  Within Smart Calls is what we think is a better Driving Mode than what currently exists on the market.  In fact, we’ll go as far to say that every Driving Mode application we have seen has at least one fatal flaw that make each un-user-friendly.  Being able to roll-out our embedded Driving Mode version nearly as-is as an Android downloadable, we are jumping at the chance to bring to market a “better” and safer mode than already exists.  And to help distance it from the crowd as we carve it off, we have given it the name Seetbelt.  “Seetbelt” conveys that this app is both a car-related app and one with a safety-focus, while also having our own unique way of spelling (ie branding) it.

Besides the name, the primary difference between our Seetbelt downloadable and our embedded Driving Mode is the way they respond to callers; after three rings, Driving Mode plays audio responses directly into the call letting callers know that you are driving and practicing safer driving.  Seetbelt sends texts.

We are excited to bring an app to market that we are not only users of ourselves, but also one that we strongly believe can help break bad habits.  This app is free to Android users and free of advertising, and it will remain both!  You’ll see we include the hashtag #HoldThatThought into the text response of the app.  We hope to make that a popular hashtag on social media, so give it a boost.  Also, help us make the roads a safer place and download Seetbelt and please tell a friend today!

Josh Eidenberg

TIP Solutions Chief Creative Officer